Review: Origins GinZing moisturizer


On my blogger website, I talked about my “recent” purchase from Origins. Since I don’t have that website anymore, I am doing my review of the product here. I bought this about a month ago because I heard so many great things about this moisturizer from numerous beauty blogger websites and I was in the market for a day time moisturizer that isn’t heavy in consistency.

This seemed perfect! After using it for a month, I gotta say I still love this stuff. I love the chocolate-orange scent it has that makes me happy to use in the morning and my skin just DRINKS THIS STUFF UP in a matter of seconds. I also love the gel consistency of this moisturizer, it leaves my skin feeling so soft. For brownie points, even using it for a month, I haven’t made a dent on it at all. So I think this stuff will last me awhile. I’m new to the skincare/beauty product world so this is my first Origins product. So far so good, and I think I will be purchasing more things from Origins.

Have you tried any GinZing products from Origins?


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