Week #1 spotlight


Something fun and interesting I thought I would do every week is blog here about a product that I have been loving or using a lot and put in on a “spotlight”. I hope you guys enjoy and I promise everything will be my 100% honest opinion.

So…this winter has been ROUGH for my skin. My hands are dry (and I can’t seem to find a hand cream I been satisfied with), my skin is dry and worst of all my lips look like they haven’t seen hydration since Noah’s flood. Geez…they are terrible. 

My week #1 spotlight is my beloved blistex lip medex and a lip balm new to my collection: Korres lip butter in Jasmine. If there is one lip balm that will NEVER fail me and I ALWAYS go back to is my blistex. This really beats out every.single.one of my lip balms. For 97 cents at my local grocery store, this little baby will be something that will never leave my makeup bag. I’m not a real big fan that it’s in a pot since it’s not so hygienic but the product itself rocks. It has a heavy medicine scent and at first I hated it and hardly touched it because of the smell but now I loooooove it. It leaves a cool tingly feeling on your lips and within seconds, even my worst chapped lips turn soft.

The Korres lip butter is something that I really love using during the day. Jasmine doesn’t smell like jasmines at all (which is good). It smells like a sugar cookie (yum!) and I almost want to eat it. It doesn’t leave a tint on my lips because my lips are naturally darker than the balm itself so I didn’t expect much in the color department. Again, it’s in a pot and you know how I feel about that. It’s  a bit pricey for a lip balm ($12 at sephora)  and honestly, it’s something I could “technically  live without” unlike my blistex. However, it is still great lip balm and I been using these two non-stop this past week.

Do you have a holy grail lip balm you cannot live without?


2 thoughts on “Week #1 spotlight

  1. If I don’t take care of it, I have problems with chapped lips and oily skin allllll year round unfortunately. Have you tried coconut oil for anything to do with your skin? It is amazing. I put it on my face at night, including my lips, and now I really have no need for lip balm. There’s a million other things it can be used for too! It’s my miracle when it comes to my skin and hair.

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