Exciting beauty haul


Usually I don’t go to the mall and decide to spend some cash all at once. I’m more of a spend some here and there because it makes me believe that i’m not spending that much (haha even though that’s not true). However this time I was on a mission. I have been keeping up with  a bunch of my favorite beauty bloggers like viviannadoesmakeup, lillypebbles and essiebutton and making a list of the products I wanted to try. I have been saving up since November so I thought, YES. I deserve to go to the mall and spend some hard earned cash! Anyways, I thought I would share with yall the things I picked up.

First I went to Sephora and got two things. The Josie Maran coconut water cheek gelee in poppy paradise. I first saw this on EssieButton and it has been on my list since then. It’s a gel cheek product made out of coconut water that is suppose to give you a nice flush of color on the cheeks. Then I got the hourglass arch brow sculpting pen in dark brunette. Oh gawd I think my wallet cried with this purchase. This little thing coast me $32! However, seeing it raved on VDM I couldn’t resist. I been getting tired of whipping out my angled brush and powder to do my brows so this do it all pen really appealed to me.

Next I went to the clarins counter and picked up the instant lip perfecter in 01 rose shimmer. This little lip gloss has been raved and raved on any beauty blogger’s site. I really couldn’t resist. I love lip products and I lovvvvvve the cute pink tube packaging. It smells delicious, like caramels and i’m sooooo excited to use this.

Lastly, at the MAC counter I bought the 217 blending brush. I think this really is a must. Everyone loves them and i’m ready to join the MAC 217 bandwagon.

Anyway, for a college student on a budget this was a HUGE haul for me. But it felt good to save up money and spend it on things I been waiting for.

Have you guys tried anything from my haul?


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