Week #2 spotlight


Brand new semester, new people, new professors and A LOT of stress from spending a fortune on books I will only use for a couple of months meant it was time for me to relax it all away at the end of the week. On my recent trip to Target, I picked up a clay mask from the boots botanics line. What really interested me with this mask was the incredibly short ingredient list. I has 6 ingredients: natural oceanic clay, water, glycerin, butylene glycol, burdock root extract and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (oh damn that was a mouth full).  I hate finding skincare items from the drugstore and I look at the ingredients, it’s full of stuff I don’t know and didn’t even knew existed. This clay mask is suppose to contain a negative electrical charge from the natural oceanic clay to draw out impurities.

I was a little sceptical at first because you know when you hear a product review about something and there’s always those couple of people that seem to get negative reviews? yea. thats me. So despite some of the negative reviews saying it didn’t work, I decided to give it a go and boy am I glad I did. This stuff works! after I let it dry completely for 20 minutes I saw dark spots all over my face where the impurities were drawn out. It doesn’t really make a big mess taking it off, it dissolves with water and my skin felt so clean and smooth after the treatment. This mask will definitely make a reappearance next week and the price didn’t make me cringe. Only $10 at your local Target, it’s a price I don’t mind paying for something that is amazing by my opinion.

So go ahead and pick yourself up this wonderful mask by boots botanics. I say it’s worth it!

Happy Sunday!


Can you see the black dots all over my face?? That’s all the gross crap from my face.


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