My journey to the world of makeup…

journey of makeup

After reading a tale of makeup and me from viviannadoesmakeup, I got the inspiration to write about  how I got into makeup. So the story starts here. I remember when I was about 6 years old and coveting the makeup items and skincare items on my mom’s vanity and wishing I was old enough to slather ALL of it on my face. Naturally my mom wouldn’t let me go near any of it. lol. When I was 7- ish I think my mom let me wear a lipstick from a kid’s makeup collection kit. You know the ones that are super waxy, in crazy colors such as neon pink and purple and are LOADED with glitter that really didn’t make much of a difference on the lips. Well regardless, I loved that stuff. However I think from the age 9-12 I lost interest in makeup because my mom wouldn’t let me wear any and I kinda gave up on the idea. One day, probably age 13, I found a little pressed powder sample from Clinique that one of my sisters abandoned in the room and that was my first real makeup item I wore. I don’t even know if it was my color or not but I used that thing until there was none left. I didn’t even put it all over my face, just a shiny little part on my forehead. oh gawd. I just powdered a little spot on my forehead. After that, I think I really got into lip products like chapsticks and bonbelles (who remembers those?) and lip balms. My mom didn’t really care about lip balms because technically it’s not really “makeup”. I’m pretty sure thats where my obsession with lip products started. After that, I really really really wanted to wear mascara. I remember browsing the aisles at HEB and coveting the rows and rows of mascara and not being able to buy one. Having Asian eyes, I’m naturally cursed with sparse, stick straight lashes and I always coveted women who had big flutters:( (sigh, genetics). I begged and begged my sister and mom if I could wear mascara and they kept refusing. I still didn’t want to give up! I struck a deal that if I made all a’s I could wear mascara. Well guess who made all A’s!!! I finally bought myself a tube of mascara and I think it is safe to say it was a disaster! Now I realize which formulas and brands work for me best, but back then I just bought myself any ol’ mascara and my lashes were just a clumpy stick straight mess. haha.

After that experience, around 14 I branched out from mascara and had in my little arsenal, a wet n wild tinted moisturizer, Covergirl blusher, an eyelash curler, and the Covergirl lash blast (waterproof, I finally realized to hold my curl, waterproof is the way to go). Man I wish I had a picture of myself with all that stuff. I was really jealous of the girls in my class who already knew how to put on makeup.

So lets fast forward a couple years to the present. ‘Til now. my little arsenal didn’t change much since then. maybe a different base here and there and a different mascara but the Covergirl blusher (in the shade pretty peach) was always the same. When I came to college, I found myself with a lot more free time than at home since I didn’t have a job and I discovered YouYube. Thats when I discovered , essiebutton lilypebbles and my personal favorite, viviannadoesmakeup. I have found the heaven on earth! (the beauty blogger world that is.) I think it’s safe to say after watching a few videos I became OBSESSED with beauty products and I quickly started to build my arsenal from 4 products to a little drawer of products. 

Now, watching beauty videos and buying and trying out new products has definitely become a new hobby for me. and who knows, maybe in a few years, i’ll start my own YouTube beauty channel…


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