Week #3 spotlight


Makeup wise this week I been trying to keep things really minimal. Ditching daily eyeshadows and liners and just opting for some mascara, blush and something on my lips. Yea….I been feeling quite lazy lately. I noticed the one product I really been reaching for everyday this week is the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector (whew! what a mouth full!). I have it in the shade 01 rose shimmer and it is kinda light pink, and milky on the my lips. It smells sooooo delicious and that’s probably why I love using it so much. It’s a product that is super hyped in the beauty blogger world and I picked it up 2 weeks ago and I wrote about that in my haul post a couple posts below. 

The hype is real though! It really isn’t sticky and like I said above the smell is to DIE for. (ok maybe not die for-dramatic sandy & grace) I gotta admit, the lasting power is very very short on this maybe 2 hours at it’s max and I think I might even be stretching it by saying 2 hours but i’m more than glad to reapply since I love it so much. I love the packaging, very pretty and pink:) It doesn’t give any color on my lips, just barely there natural look,  but because of my laziness, I been really loving that. I love it so much, I already added to my beauty wish list the ILNLP in shade 02 apricot shimmer.

Have you tried this lovely lip offering from Clarins?


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