Week #4 spotlight


Man I been slacking on my posts this week! sorry! This past week has kept me so busy with uni stuff so my blog has kinda been on the back burner. Don’t worry though! I still have my week favorite and here it is…

Suprise! another lip product! Can you tell what my favorite makeup is? This is my first MAC lipstick and it is one of their lustre family members. This shade is called patisserie and it was of course another VDM inspired purchase (surprise surprise…). I’m seriously obsessed with her blog and YouTube channel. If you don’t know who she is, click on the VDM above and be ready to oooohh and ahhhh over everything she owns. Anyway, I been looking through my lipstick drawer a couple weeks ago and I noticed I was missing something. A nude lip color! It’s such a staple in anyone’s arsenal and I couldn’t believe I didn’t have any. So when I saw that this lipstick popped up on her 2013 favorites video, I couldn’t resist but order one. Since day 1 it arrived, I haven’t worn any other lipstick but. It is literally the perfect balance of nude, pink, slightly brown. There is chunks of glitter in it but it doesn’t bother me at all and I don’t even notice it. Oh and bonus! It smells so frickin good!! Like vanilla! It retails $15 at MAC so as high end makeup goes, not really qualified as “cheap” but not expensive either. In the middle. I highly recommend anyone to go get this shade and thank you VDM leading me to this beautiful lipstick.


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