Weekly maintenance

photo 2

If there is one thing I hate to do at the end of the week, it is to clean my brushes. It is such a tedious task and I really try to avoid it much as I can. My arm almost feels like it is going to fall off by the time i’m done. Until recently, I been just using dish soap to wash my brushes. The end result is okay, but the process of getting there is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a lot of elbow grease to get them clean with dish soap and it is so sudsy i’m spending hours just trying to rinse them out of soap! I knew from the usual blogs I love, there is a huge hype around the Dr. Bronner’s magic soap so finally being tired of sore arms (ha ha yea…I need to work out) I decided to give it a go. Oh man, magic soap you are a life saver! washing brushes are now a breeze (still a chore) and the best part is, it suds up pretty well but it also rinses out super fast! It also made my MAC 217 brush white as the day I purchased it. It is a sight I haven’t seen since well….I bought the darn thing. The little sample size soaps can be found at target for $2 but you can get a medium sized one for $5 at HEB which is a better deal than the sample one. Or you can buy the HUGE honkin bottle for $9 at Target or HEB. I love love love this soap so much! (Who knew I would rave about soap of all things?) It is soooo important to wash your brushes and i’m glad I found something that makes the process so much easier!

Oh and go check out the blog I made for one of my Uni classes. It is called affordablemakeupandall.wordpress.com. There’s going to be a post about a dupe for the ever so famous Bioderma!  So please go check that out and like it!


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