Week #6 spotlight

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Alright lovelies i’m back with my week 6 spotlight. It’s a tiny little sample but I love it so much I been saving it until I can actually buy the full size. I been eyeing the vitalumier aqua foundation by CHANEL recently and I finally asked a lady if I could test it out and she gave me this cute little bottle with quite a generous amount of foundation inside. She matched me to shade B40 and I walked away happily excited to test this out. 

I wasn’t sure how it was going to react with my skin because i’m so oily I didn’t think the lasting power was going to be long. Aaaannnnnnnnd….I was proven wrong and this time i’m glad. The finish is so natural and I been all about the natural look lately so this is a win for me. It looks like my skin but better! Will that catch on? Instead of MLBB, MSBB? (I’m laughing at  my own joke here….what is life if you can’t laugh at yourself?) Now i’ll admit my face looked a bit on the sheeny side at the end of the day but i’m already in my room not facing society til the next day by the time that happens so that bothers me none. I’ve only worn it once but it somehow managed to be special enough to be a spotlight. I love the watery consistency, the fragrance, and just everything about it! I love how it best looks when applied with fingers so that means when I have early classes I can just slap this on, blend out with my fingers and just go. How perfect is that? It retails for $45 and although it is kinda expensive, I expected nothing more or less from a high end foundation. Plus I really like to spend a little extra on foundations because it is the one makeup product that will go all over my face for a long period of time so spending a little bit more on quality really doesn’t bother me.

p.s. I know that along with a lot of things from my blog are “cult favorites” from a lot of other beauty blogs but I really like to do a lot of research on makeup before I buy them. I don’t really have the luxury to buy something in hopes i’ll like it. So I read a lot of blogs and research a makeup item and that’s why all the things I buy I really end up loving. So i’m hoping these posts doesn’t seem like a bunch of “eh seen it before” type of posts. I just really love to put my two cents  in on things I love. So enough ranting on my soap box, have a lovely week everyone and please comment below if you ever tried vitalumier aqua or just wanna start a chat!


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