Week #7 highlight


This favorite has been a long time coming and I think its finally time for me to share with you the one product I probably couldn’t live without: mascara. It’s that one thing that instantly widens my eyes and make me feel better. For years my favorite has been the L’oreal million lashes. I still love it and still use it but I find myself always reaching for another mascara instead. This is the L’oreal telescopic shocking extensions mascara. I think i’m starting to see a pattern in my mascaras. L’oreal always seem to bring it for me. I picked up this mascara in December and it has been just pure love. I used to really hate mascara wands that were skinny but I now appreciate them! The skinny wand just fits perfectly for my skinny lashes and i’m able to coat my lashes without making a mess. This mascara gives me length and volume and hold my curl all day. The only downside is that it will clump if I try to put on mascara super fast but if I take my time and properly put this on, my lashes look amazing. I also love the plastic wand. Every mascara I tried with a traditional brush always puts too much product on my lashes and weighs them down and I have yet to find one mascara that is not a plastic wand that has wow’ed me. I think I found the one…mascara that is. 😉


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