The hand edit


For spring break I went back to my hometown of Corpus Christi and I worked at my old job to save some money. I bagged groceries and unloaded them to customers cars. After doing that for a week, I am finally back to good ol’ San Marcos and back in my dorm and I realized my hands and nails look absolutely terrible. It happens every time I work there. After touching groceries and paper bags all day, my hands get a “bit” dry. My cuticles peel and I basically get man hands (attractive non?)

So after getting situated back in my tiny dorm, I decided to give myself a little hand pamper and thus the hand edit.

These are the products I am using to kick start my hand back to it’s normal-ness.

  • Nail clippers- to trim those overgrown tips.
  • Emery board to file down and roughness from the clippers and give them an even shape
  • Cuticle remover- I hate my super human speed growing cuticles- they have GOTS TO GO
  • Cuticle stick- for obvious reasons
  • Cuticle oil- my cuticles are in serious need of some hydration
  • Hand cream- to seal everything in and soften my rough hands

So the nail clippers, emery board, and cuticle pushers were all from a kit I got from revlon. You can find them anywhere. For the cuticle remover I like the sally hansen ones these do the job really well and work fast! It retails around 5 dollars so its super affordable. I picked up this essie cuticle oil from ulta (retail $14). I like that it is in a click pen so I don’t have to fiddle with the bottle type oils (i’m a bit of a clutz). Oh and did I mention it smells fruity? Ulta is currently doing $3.50 off any $10 and up purchase and they are doing the 21 days of beauty right now so go check out Ulta. I also got the hand cream from Ulta from the brand bliss. I love the blue packaging and it smells pretty good kinda like lemon grass? It doesn’t leave my hand feeling greasy afterwards so that is a bonus! You can find this mini size for $9 at their mini section thats near the registers.

So there you have it, a couple of products to make your hand and nails feel good:) I hope this was helpful to you guys. Currently my nails are thanking me for quenching their thirst.

I also started back on my health kick so an after gym get ready and do makeup quick post is coming on your way soon, stay tuned…


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