The post workout hustle


Surprisingly, I woke up at 6 am yesterday and had the will power to go work out at my school’s rec. (am I going crazy??) I planned to work out, shower and get ready and head straight to class right afterwards. I am happy to say my plan was a success and I felt great afterwards for the rest of the day.

As usual I looked like a sweaty pig after the workout so I opted for a quick rinse in the locker rooms. I used the yes to cucumbers facial wipes just to get the initial sweat off my face  and  hopped in the shower. I brought along my Dr. Bronners magic peppermint soap as a body wash and it definitely gave me a pick me up from the refreshing peppermint scent. I quickly showered in less than 2 minutes and washed my face with the Neutrogena Clear Pore cleanser which I decanted in a small jar. Then I skipped my normal skincare routine and just moisturized with a sample I got of the  Origins vitazing.

I knew I wasn’t going to have time to wash my hair and dry it (that is just not reasonable at the gym) so I bought the Dove Style + Care dry shampoo to quickly soak up sweat and oil and add some volume. I’m not a huge dry shampoo fan because I wash my hair everyday (I know your’e not suppose to but my hair gets oily within hours) but I LOVE this product! sprays out clear so you don’t have to deal with a powder-esque mane and it smells absolutely delicious.

Makeup wise I kept things minimal with 6 products to call it done and here they are.

For base I went for something that doesn’t require a brush and something really light and natural so I went for the Chanel Vitalumier aqua in B30. I know the last time I talked about this foundation I had a sample of B40 but I found that to be a tad too dark for my face so I went for a shade lighter. Then I concealed with a rather new love of mine the Estee Lauder Stay in place high cover concealer in light/medium warm. I scored this for $12 dollars at the Naval Exchange (the perks of being a military fam) and I really really really love it! It covers like nothing I have seen before. I used that under my eyes and around blemishes (I been spotty lately ugh). For brows, nothing different I used my only brow pen the Hourglass arch brow sculpting pen in dark brunette. My love for this thing is still going strong. Same goes for my eye makeup of the day which was just the L’oreal voluminous million lashes (waterproof).

Continuting with makeup, I’m the type of girl who NEEDS blush, I look really pale and unhealthy without it so my choice of blush this time was the Revlon powder blush in 002 Haute pink. LOVE the formula of these, LOVE the packaging, LOVE the color. I know it looks uber bright in the picture but I promise it’s beautiful on skin.

Lastly I needed to inject some color on my lips because they looked pale and dead like always (pale and  dead seems to be a theme here, I need some seriously glow in my life/face). I been loving the NYX butter gloss in vanilla cream pie. It smells SOOOOOO good I can’t stress that enough and I love the texture. Quite tackier than the Clarins lip perfectors but since it is slightly tacky, it will stay on longer. Vanilla cream pie is a blue toned pink which is why I picked this gloss so it could bring out the whites of my teeth and eyes so I can look a bit more refreshed.

So all together with shower, hair and makeup, I took 30 minutes total and I still had time to go and eat a nice plate of breakfast which you can see on my instagram @sandy_davidson

hope you enjoyed this post:)


2 thoughts on “The post workout hustle

  1. Great Blog post! Thanks for sharing! I will have to make up a lil kit of my own! I am new to blogging, check my blog out I would love to hear what you think:

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