Your beauty DNA


As you know already, I love makeup, I love beauty products. It is sorta my hobby. However, i’m definitely not one of those girls who feel like my self worth is measured by what others think of me and that’s why I love makeup. My biggest fear is people thinking I am vain because I am obsessed with makeup. Most days I am completely happy with a little light coverage foundation, mascara, blush and a bit of gloss. I can’t be fussed with eyeshadow and contouring on a day to day basis. That being said, I feel like each woman has her own beauty signature. Whether it be their signature scent, lip stick, nail color or eyeshadow , it is what makes each woman unique. So that being said, I thought I would show you what my signature products are. These are things that make me feel complete at times and it’s my beauty DNA. 


I am a SUPER picky when it comes to perfumes. If its too floral, it makes me sick, if its too musky, I feel gross, it is really rare when I find a scent I actually really like. However, over the years there is one scent that in my opinion is the perfect balance of everything and that is the Ralph Lauren Romance EDP. I have tried soooo many perfumes and have hated them ALL. Cult favorites like Chanel No. 5, Miss Dior, STELLA by Stella McCartney (a beauty blogger world favorite) and etc and I have hated them ALL. Chanel and Dior being a little too offensive and old lady-ish and STELLA being just too floral and too rosy (yuck). But there is something about Ralph Lauren I can’t quite put my finger on it. Its not too floral, its not too offensive, its a fresh scent (I think) and its the one perfume that makes me feel like I need to shake out my hair, put on a chic suit and rule the world. Grant it, the lasting power isn’t all that great but I really haven’t found one scent out there that comes close to Romance. If my beauty DNA consisted of one thing, this would be it.

Nail Color: 

I am floozy when it comes to nail polishes, some shades work only for spring and summer and there are shades that is mainly associated with autumn/winter. I don’t usually paint my nails only because working at a grocery store prevents me from going a day without a chip but when I do there is one polish I gravitate towards and you can tell because I’ve used a good chunk of it. It is the L’oreal nail varnish in caught red handed. What a cute name! I would describe this shade as a classic, bright cherry red. Not too blue and not too orange, it is  the perfect shade of red for me. I love the formula of these polishes as well as the brush. Two coats, a top coat and you’re done. I think red nail polish is so chic and womanly. Powered with the Ralph Lauren perfume above, I can rule the world ;).


Makeup wise, I’m still a newbie and i’m still learning but ever since my days of regular makeup wearing, mascara has always been there. I been such a flirt with concealers, bases and everything else but the one makeup product I have purchased countless times is the L’oreal voluminous million lashes waterproof. I been there and done that with many different mascaras and even thought there has been mascaras that I have liked than hated (note: the L’oreal telescopic), voluminous million lashes have always been there. I love the perfect amount of volume, separation, and a bit of length it gives my lashes. It holds my curl ALL damn day and I just love love love this mascara. I also love the shiny gold packaging that mirrors YSL mascaras (I think of it as the curvy sister of the YSL mascara).

So, there you have it my beauty DNA, these items will forever hold a special place in my heart and I will continue to purchase them til the end of time.

I would love to know what beauty items make up you beauty DNA, comment below!!



2 thoughts on “Your beauty DNA

  1. I like the RL Romance on others but it tends to go too woody on me, pity as I tend to hoard RL fragrances as a general rule! I should try this L’Oreal Million Lashes, seen some good things about it lately and I’m currently on a hunt for a daily, dependable holy grail mascara!

    1. Yea you should definitely try the mascara! I been using it since I was 16! Such a good one.
      And yea I can see how you would say Ralph Lauren romance is a bit woody but I think I’m attracted to that lol

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