Saying no to foundation.


Crazy I know. No foundation? Or concealer for that matter. For some reason my skin has been acting terribly for some reason and I don’t know what. Hormones? Allergic reaction? Spots in more numbers than usual have been showing up on my face and have been pitching a tent for what has been now a week. I don’t know what is going on with me but I decided I am going on a foundation hiatus for a while. This is really difficult for me because I always put on some sort of a base and its something that completes my makeup look as it evens out my skin and hides the imperfections. However, instead of going crazy on spot treatments and face masks, I decided to take it back to basics and just leave my skin alone and let it heal on its own time. How long will that take? Who knows but going on day 2 of no foundation, i’m starting to think its not that bad at all. 

Okay, so makeup wise, since I am going sans base and any cheek product, my main focus is on the eyes. I want them to look bright and alert and without eyeshadow because I think it just looks messy because I have no base. The first item that is used is my beloved Shu Uemura eyelash curler (duh) I curl them a bit extra this time because I want the eyelashes to look long and alert. Then I apply my mascara- L’oreal voluminous million lashes (another duh) and coat them and be careful not to clump the lashes. Then I take the L’oreal blackbuster to tightline my upper lash line because I want to add that definition to the eyes.

After I take care of my lashes, I go on to the general brightening of around the eyes. I take the Benefit watts up (mini sample) and highlight my cheek bones ( okay I guess I did use one cheek product) and blend it out with my fingers, I take that same highlighter on to my fingertip and highlight the inner and outer corner of my eyes. This makes a huge difference in daylight as the shimmer particles catches the light and really makes me look more awake.

Next, I rim my water line with the Rimmel scandaleyes waterproof eyeliner in nude to cancel out the redness and makes my eyes look bigger.

Lastly, I swipe on a pretty gloss and I have been OBSESSED with the Maybelline colorsensational shine gloss in 105 cashmere rose. The catch is that this is not available in the US. We have the colorsensational shine glosses in the states but its different packaging and different colors (none which interests me). It is the most gorgeous natural pink shade and it is completely non sticky. I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it. If you are interested in getting this lip gloss, you can go to feelunique link here. They have awesome brands that aren’t easily available in the states and even drugstore products that are only available in Europe. The prices are a wee bit higher but that really doesn’t bother me much.

So this is my makeup routine until my skin decided to go normal. Shame because I got a new foundation that I have been wanting to give a review of (hint hint: the new CHANEL foundation…) I’m not sure if it was that made me break out or what but I promise once I get back to my normal routine, a review will be on its way.


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