The perfect summer red for my tips.

photo (13)

My first ever nail related post! Today I want to share with you all this amazing nail polish that are on my nails today. Since coming back home to Corpus, I haven’t painted my nails. My hands get really rough and dry and my cuticles are awful from working at my job and nothing I do helps them at all because they get ruined all over again the next day. So I have been sans polish and focusing more nail care and rehab. But on my recent trip to HEB I found this GORGEOUS bright orange red color and I knew I had to have it. It is called Play Koi by Sally Hansen. Its their triple shine formula and so far no chips after 3 days and counting and very very shiny. If you already didn’t know, I am a red lacquer lover. 99% of the time my tips will be supporting some shade of red and nothing else. Maybe an occasional pink or lavender but red is where my heart is (or as CHANEL describes it as the color of life. Videos here.)  It is my comfort nail and toe color and I feel feminine with it. This red, or shall I say orange is so orange it looks red or it can also be described as so red its orange. What I love the most about this polish is that the brush is medium thick and  pretty wide so it covers my entire nail in one (two for the thumb) swipe and the second coat is for the opaque color. Also the shape of the brush fits my nail bed perfectly so it looks clean and not all wonky like which with most nail polishes brushes I make it look like a 2 yr old painted my nails. Another plus, no irritating air bubbles and after a top coat, my nails looked like it was ready for summer and I just loved the way my nails looked with a simple gold midi ring.  The picture above is from my instagram which is @sandy_davidson.

I might be a stickler to the status quo when it comes to nail color but I would like to know what your favorite nail polishes are. So comment below on what you think of Play Koi or tell me your favorite shade


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