The snack bar that I actually don’t feel bad about eating

photo 14

I have a daily struggle with protein bars, nutrition bars/cookies/brownies etc. I know most of these bars aren’t actually that good for you and I am constantly struggling with snacking healthier and not just devouring a whole package of oreos. Its tough. Recently at the “nutritional” aisle at HEB I had a little look over at the ingredients of many many many bars and happily settled on one that I think is pretty good.

I have 3 basic requirements when it comes to my nutritional bar pickings.

1) they must not exceed 250 calories. If it does, I could just make myself a sandwich and call it a day.

2) I must be able to pronounce every single ingredient in the bar. I do not wish to consume anything that I cannot pronounce

3) speaking of ingredients, I don’t want the bar to have 50k + ingredients. The simpler the better. I want to consume whole foods (whole ingredients)

So out comes the winner: KIND bars. No GMO, gluten free, low sodium, dairy free (score!), no trans fats…

and even on the box it says ingredients you can see and PRONOUNCE. It’s basically like this was made for me. I picked up the blueberry vanilla and cashew kind. It has 190 calories and the ingredients are cashews, bluberries, almonds, honey, raisins, crisp rice, chicory root fiber, vanilla extract, soy lecithin and sunflower oil.

The only thing I dislike a bit about this bar is that it has 11 grams of sugar! But I am willing to look over that detail as the other store offerings don’t come close to these.

If you are wondering about the taste? well….it doesn’t disappoint. yum yum;)



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