skin issues…

So for the last couple weeks I have been dealing with probably the worst breakout of my life. I may sound a bit dramatic here but its true. Even when I was younger and my teen acne was in it’s prime, it has never been so bad like this. So naturally I am wondering what the heck is going on with me? I am breaking out mostly on the left side of my cheek and all over my chin.  I know this is irregular because I NEVER break out on my chin. Never. I don’t even think I ever had a pimple on my chin before…til now. It could be hormones, it could be the junk food I have been eating, an allergic reaction or the products I have been using. Little by little I am eliminating the possible suspects and praying that my skin will clear up.

lets look at the possible suspects

Junk Food: well well well….ever since I have been home I have come to the land of abundant food and snacks. The constant snacking and junk food consuming could be the reason. I have cut out 90% of junk foods for the past week and i’m not expecting major results that quickly but so far, nuthin.

Allergic reaction: the only food allergy I have are kiwis. I break out BBBBAAAAADDDD from those bad boys. One time consuming that demon fruit when I was 10 and I never looked back. However I just found out my mom has snuck in the devil fruit in a sauce she made for spring rolls. tut tut bad mommy. could this be the reason why? She said she put a tiny amount in and a little bit can’t possibly make me break out this badly?

Hormones: it was that time of the month for me 2 weeks ago and when this all started….maybe this is why? but this is crazy! My hormonal breakouts have never been this bad.

New products: I have introduced rose hip oil to my skincare routine since coming home and rosehip oil is suppose to be good for the skin so I’ve used this every day since receiving it. However, after a week of using this and when my period started is when all the troubles began. Also, I’ve noticed that the new foundation I have been using the CHANEL perfection lumiere velvet gives me one or two pimples every time I wear it.

So possibly it could be the combo of the perfection lumiere velvet, mother nature and the rose hip oil that is causing all this. So I stopped rose hip oil in my routine and I am going to continue not using this. perhaps this is the culprit? I don’t know:( what do you guys think? what is making my skin freak out like this?


3 thoughts on “skin issues…

  1. Sorry to contradict your mommy, but I have the same thing happen to me with strawberries. They will give me a acne look alike type breakout on face and chest that lasts for WEEKS. It doesn’t happen every time (are there different breeds of strawberries?) but when it does, it doesn’t take much!
    If you have them available (and already know you aren’t allergic to these) maybe try an antihistamine or some cortisone cream, see if it brings anything down.
    Junk food won’t cause a breakout, hormones for sure will. Not sure about rose hip. Good luck, I hope you heal up soon 🙂

    1. Thanks! I picked up some benadryl yesterday and it seems to be helping and I think i’m also allergic to rose hop oil which is a shame since I heard such good things about it

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