Skincare issues pt.2

okay so if anyone is interested in knowing, I am going to be continuing my skincare issues on this post.

so since pt.1 my skin has gotten A LOT better! Since I stopped using the rose hip oil I noticed a dramatic difference on my active breakouts. It really is a shame that my skin is allergic to the rose hip oil because it was a bit pricey and it was something I was really excited about in trying.

I also recently remembered that I had an eye cream sample from Mario Badescu with rose hip as one of it’s ingredients and I remember that I had tiny little pimples under my eye after using it so I chucked it away. Thus I put two and two together and figured out that rose hip is the problem. I also took some benadryl pills yesterday and the night before so that probably helped a lot with the whole allergic reaction problem. So right now my skin is still healing, no active breakouts, just one or two that I had already and A LOT that is trying to heal and now I am dealing with hyper pigmentation problems from acne scars. If anyone has any tips about hyper pigmentation I would definitely appreciate your advice.

So now the only big issue I have is the oil. what should I do with it? Beauty Bay (where I purchased it) won’t accept any returns after 7 days and I don’t even have the original packaging anymore.

It is the pai bioregenerate rose hip oil. (the really hyped up oil in the blogger world, you know the one) If anyone loves it and would love to buy it off, please feel free!! It is hardly even used and the bottle is full. Such a shame, such a shame for a real hyped up and praised product…


2 thoughts on “Skincare issues pt.2

    1. thank you so much!!! its so much better now and back to how it used to be:) hope you have a great weekend also!

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