So about that fitness thing…

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I vowed this summer that I would actually set aside some time during the week dedicating myself to daily exercising. When I was in middle school, I was definitely the sporty type. Now, whether I was actually good or not is the question. I just really wanted to do everything so I joined volleyball, basketball (which I am WRETCHED at. How did I ever make the team is blur) track and golf. I actually quite enjoyed running and volleyball and I continued volleyball until sophomore year in high school then I didn’t want to do it anymore because 1) my skill level in volleyball really never grew. le sigh. 2) those 6 am practices and 2 practices a day in the summer= death. So after that I really enjoyed the freedom of not dragging myself to practice and forcing myself to workout all up until now which is approximately 4 years since I’ve had a regular workout routine. I do occasionally workout here and there and jog every once in awhile but I never really stuck with anything until recently. Partly because I didn’t have a coach that made me do laps around the gym and burpees ’til my legs literally fell off  if I didn’t come to practice.  So for all of y’all trying to get into the healthy fitness routine I have some tips for you that seems to be a charm on me.

1) shopping is a good mood booster. well duh. But head to your local Dicks or Academy or anywhere that sells workout gear and pick up some new workout clothes. seriously, this method works. It makes you WANT to rip off the tags and workout. I highly recommend the nike dri-fit range because it rocks! I got a loose fitting tank and a pair of shorts and was gifted new shoes. The black ones are the nike 4.0 flyknit. They are so weird to explain but it is literally a knitted material and it feels like an extension of your own feet. seriously comfortable and seriously chic since its not bulky like most trainers so wearing them with some skinny jeans doesn’t make you look dorky. The aqua ones are seriously gorgeous. Those are called the nike free TR Fit 4 Breathe (uh quite a long name) and these are not running shoes unlike the flyknits and training shoes. They are really comfy and cute and although I wouldn’t recommend running in them, I wear them when I do HIIT workouts, they are genius. Feels like its air and moves with your feet with good grip. (i’m not a shoe connoisseur can you tell?)

2) don’t call it workout. there is nothing I hate more than thinking that I have to workout after a long day of work. It is a serious party pooper word and I hardly use it. I call them getting more fit, healthy time or sometimes when I’m vain (don’t judge we all are sometimes) getting skinny. Try to use positive words associated with exercising and your brain will be tricked. If you go into a workout with the intention of hating it and just finishing it, you will hate to do it again the next day. Thats why I quit all the other times I been trying to work out.

3) take a break. I know that wanting to see results immediately is the story of all our lives so we push ourselves to workout 7 days a week intensely because that makes us think it will get us thinner quicker. It is just as important to take a day or two off as working out. I workout 4-5 times a week for 30-45 min and I give myself a two day rest. The two day rest gives my muscles some relaxation time and I am happy and good to go on monday when the healthy time starts again

4) it doesn’t have to take long. like I said in tip 3. I don’t do hr long workouts. If it works for you, then keep going! I prefer doing HIIT for 30-45 minutes. My personal favorite workout videos are Fitness Blender on YouTube They have really amazing workouts videos all for free on their channel.  I promise you each of their workouts will make you sweat buckets and buckets. IT ROCKS.

5) when you finish, its a glorious feeling. last quick tip. There really is nothing I love to hear more than Daniel or Kelli from FitnessBlender announcing “workout complete”. Finish a workout knowing you put in the effort and you will instantly feel amazing. promise.

I hope my tips have helped or motivated you in some way, right now, i’m looking forward to healthy time later on this evening and currently browsing Fitness Blender’s channel to see which video I would like to do.


2 thoughts on “So about that fitness thing…

  1. This was a great post! Very insightful! I just started working out again too (I’ve been on and off the past 2-3 weeks) and I really like what you wrote! After I do my work outs I like to cool down with Pilates from the vlogilates channel on YouTube! She’s amazing and it’s still a work out with out being hardcore and it feels nice 🙂

    1. thank you so much! It makes me really happy:) I love vlogilates! I’ll make note next time to cool down to one of her videos.

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