A year full of lessons and discoveries…


Whoop birthdays! Today marks the 19th year I have been on this Earth and its really crazy to think that 19 has already come. (okay honestly, 19 isn’t a significant birthday in my opinion but nevertheless, a celebration is indeed needed).  Today has been a low key relaxation day filled with my favorite Haggen Daaz ice cream (caramel cone incase you were wondering) and doughnuts (I LOVE doughnuts). Birthdays definitely aren’t the world’s hugest celebration anymore like when I was turning 9 or 10, now its more of a family get togethers and relaxing days and lazy days (which is completely a-okay with me). So for today’s post I would like to share what I have discovered and learned this year.

1) A different kind of love:  After the birth of my first niece Adele (pictured above) i’ve learned a whole new kind of love that I never felt before. I been with her since the day she’s been born ’til now (not counting the months I left for college) and I seriously have the world’s largest soft spot when it comes to her. She is the moon of my life my sun and stars (ahem…fellow game of thrones lovers please unite)  She is really the love of my life and I can’t think of a better present I have received from my sister.

2) College rocks:  Ohhhhhhhh my what a change this has been and a good one at that too. I fell instantly in love with Texas State and I have no doubts whether I’ve made the right decision or not. I’ve had the best year I could have ever imagined in college and I am so excited to go back in the fall.

3) Discovery of YouTube: oh where has this been my entire life? This year has definitely been the year of beauty. I’ve gotten more into makeup and skincare and just beauty in general. Thus the result of Sandy&Grace. So being the beauty junky that I am I treated myself to a CHANEL rouge coco shine (more on that coming soon).

4) A bit more freedom: Since having a car and living approximately 1 hour from my oldest sister, I have trekked a couple times to her house for weekends and enjoyed girl talks with her. It was definitely liberating to know that I could just go over to her in an hour tops.

5) I’d like to think that i’ve grown up in my way of thinking also. I’m definitely more aware of my actions and their consequences of the future (still working on it..) and being more conscious about making choices for my life. I’m starting to think more like a grown up and in some way thats really liberating also.

6) The ship has sailed for the age of hollister graphic tees, crop cardigans and buying pieces that don’t last for more than a month. oi….I cringe at the thought of why I thought it was ever cool to wear graphic tees everyday…why why why?

7) I do not need a full face of makeup every day: I went through this phase all through 8-12 grade where I HAD to have straight hair and makeup everyday of school. MADNESS! 8 am classes this year has definitely made me realize embracing my natural hair (which I love more now by the way) and not a scrap of makeup on the face apart from curling my lashes which is still a definite must.

oh and one more thing! I got my citizenship finalized this year so I became a US citizen this past year! Hooray!! That was definitely a highlight of my 18th year.

So hear hear to the last year of being a teenager. (I hope it goes by soon)


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