I’m a Wild Ginger


I am neither wild or a ginger but I am wearing a lipstick thats called wild ginger by Tom Ford. (haha, get it;)) I have finally braved up enough to wear this (not in public but around the house. baby steps here you guys). Red is really one of those colors that can boost up your mood and perk up your face in my opinion. Now this lipstick is ridiculously expensive ( I realized that the prices have been beefed up  $1 more than they were before tisk tisk Tom Ford) and I would not recommend just casually strolling past the Tom Ford counter and picking  it up. Its definitely one of those items to be left on birthdays or christmas wish lists.

I decided on getting Wild Ginger instead of a nude color because even though I wear nudes more often, I wanted to get a shade that is special to me and can be versatile. Also, I would use it less often (I want to cherish this lipstick as long as possible). For a more casual spin,  Wild Ginger can be pressed into the lips for a more sheer stain or you can apply from the bullet for a full on color which is what I have done today. Wild Ginger is a bright orange red that compliments a lot of skin tones. Its creamy but not slippy by any means. It doesn’t fade weird and it does need a re-application after eating since the formula is creamy. However it is very comfortable on the lips and I forgot I even had it on until I accidentally smudged it with my hand. I highly recommend Tom Ford lipsticks and I may or may not be lusting over pink dusk to be added to my wish list….


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