The meh cleanser…

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I am going to apologize in advance for being a negative ninny but I am here today to tell you about something that I have been using but not loving. After I ran out of my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, I was in the hunt for a new one. Since Liz Earle isn’t readily available to me, I needed something quick and now and settled on the First Aid Beauty cleanser. I heard a lot of really great reviews of this product and I thought I was going to really like it. It is a cream cleanser that takes away dirt, grime, makeup and surface oils. When you squirt out the product, its like a pearly white cream that has no scent. I applied it on a dry face and wiped it away with a warm wash cloth.  Continue reading


The snack bar that I actually don’t feel bad about eating

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I have a daily struggle with protein bars, nutrition bars/cookies/brownies etc. I know most of these bars aren’t actually that good for you and I am constantly struggling with snacking healthier and not just devouring a whole package of oreos. Its tough. Recently at the “nutritional” aisle at HEB I had a little look over at the ingredients of many many many bars and happily settled on one that I think is pretty good.

I have 3 basic requirements when it comes to my nutritional bar pickings. Continue reading

The perfect summer red for my tips.

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My first ever nail related post! Today I want to share with you all this amazing nail polish that are on my nails today. Since coming back home to Corpus, I haven’t painted my nails. My hands get really rough and dry and my cuticles are awful from working at my job and nothing I do helps them at all because they get ruined all over again the next day. So I have been sans polish and focusing more nail care and rehab. But on my recent trip to HEB I found this GORGEOUS bright orange red color and I knew I had to have it. It is called Play Koi by Sally Hansen. Its their triple shine formula and so far no chips after 3 days and counting and very very shiny. If you already didn’t know, I am a red lacquer lover. 99% of the time my tips will be supporting some shade of red and nothing else. Maybe an occasional pink or lavender but red is where my heart is (or as CHANEL describes it as the color of life. Videos here.)  It is my comfort nail and toe color and I feel feminine with it. This red, or shall I say orange is so orange it looks red or it can also be described as so red its orange. What I love the most about this polish is that the brush is medium thick and  pretty wide so it covers my entire nail in one (two for the thumb) swipe and the second coat is for the opaque color. Also the shape of the brush fits my nail bed perfectly so it looks clean and not all wonky like which with most nail polishes brushes I make it look like a 2 yr old painted my nails. Another plus, no irritating air bubbles and after a top coat, my nails looked like it was ready for summer and I just loved the way my nails looked with a simple gold midi ring.  The picture above is from my instagram which is @sandy_davidson.

I might be a stickler to the status quo when it comes to nail color but I would like to know what your favorite nail polishes are. So comment below on what you think of Play Koi or tell me your favorite shade

Saying no to foundation.


Crazy I know. No foundation? Or concealer for that matter. For some reason my skin has been acting terribly for some reason and I don’t know what. Hormones? Allergic reaction? Spots in more numbers than usual have been showing up on my face and have been pitching a tent for what has been now a week. I don’t know what is going on with me but I decided I am going on a foundation hiatus for a while. This is really difficult for me because I always put on some sort of a base and its something that completes my makeup look as it evens out my skin and hides the imperfections. However, instead of going crazy on spot treatments and face masks, I decided to take it back to basics and just leave my skin alone and let it heal on its own time. How long will that take? Who knows but going on day 2 of no foundation, i’m starting to think its not that bad at all.  Continue reading

Your beauty DNA


As you know already, I love makeup, I love beauty products. It is sorta my hobby. However, i’m definitely not one of those girls who feel like my self worth is measured by what others think of me and that’s why I love makeup. My biggest fear is people thinking I am vain because I am obsessed with makeup. Most days I am completely happy with a little light coverage foundation, mascara, blush and a bit of gloss. I can’t be fussed with eyeshadow and contouring on a day to day basis. That being said, I feel like each woman has her own beauty signature. Whether it be their signature scent, lip stick, nail color or eyeshadow , it is what makes each woman unique. So that being said, I thought I would show you what my signature products are. These are things that make me feel complete at times and it’s my beauty DNA.  Continue reading

The post workout hustle


Surprisingly, I woke up at 6 am yesterday and had the will power to go work out at my school’s rec. (am I going crazy??) I planned to work out, shower and get ready and head straight to class right afterwards. I am happy to say my plan was a success and I felt great afterwards for the rest of the day.

As usual I looked like a sweaty pig after the workout so I opted for a quick rinse in the locker rooms. I used the yes to cucumbers facial wipes just to get the initial sweat off my face  and  hopped in the shower. I brought along my Dr. Bronners magic peppermint soap as a body wash and it definitely gave me a pick me up from the refreshing peppermint scent. I quickly showered in less than 2 minutes and washed my face with the Neutrogena Clear Pore cleanser which I decanted in a small jar. Then I skipped my normal skincare routine and just moisturized with a sample I got of the  Origins vitazing. Continue reading

The hand edit


For spring break I went back to my hometown of Corpus Christi and I worked at my old job to save some money. I bagged groceries and unloaded them to customers cars. After doing that for a week, I am finally back to good ol’ San Marcos and back in my dorm and I realized my hands and nails look absolutely terrible. It happens every time I work there. After touching groceries and paper bags all day, my hands get a “bit” dry. My cuticles peel and I basically get man hands (attractive non?) Continue reading

Week #7 highlight


This favorite has been a long time coming and I think its finally time for me to share with you the one product I probably couldn’t live without: mascara. It’s that one thing that instantly widens my eyes and make me feel better. For years my favorite has been the L’oreal million lashes. I still love it and still use it but I find myself always reaching for another mascara instead. This is the L’oreal telescopic shocking extensions mascara. I think i’m starting to see a pattern in my mascaras. L’oreal always seem to bring it for me. I picked up this mascara in December and it has been just pure love. I used to really hate mascara wands that were skinny but I now appreciate them! The skinny wand just fits perfectly for my skinny lashes and i’m able to coat my lashes without making a mess. This mascara gives me length and volume and hold my curl all day. The only downside is that it will clump if I try to put on mascara super fast but if I take my time and properly put this on, my lashes look amazing. I also love the plastic wand. Every mascara I tried with a traditional brush always puts too much product on my lashes and weighs them down and I have yet to find one mascara that is not a plastic wand that has wow’ed me. I think I found the one…mascara that is. 😉

Week #6 spotlight

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Alright lovelies i’m back with my week 6 spotlight. It’s a tiny little sample but I love it so much I been saving it until I can actually buy the full size. I been eyeing the vitalumier aqua foundation by CHANEL recently and I finally asked a lady if I could test it out and she gave me this cute little bottle with quite a generous amount of foundation inside. She matched me to shade B40 and I walked away happily excited to test this out.  Continue reading


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Ok so I’ll be the first to admit that i’m uber lazy when it comes to skincare. Pretty much if skincare could be all rolled up into one product, i’ll be the first to buy that product. However in a nonperfect world we live in, one step skincare routine just doesn’t exist. Before I go on, sorry about the  bit of absence this week and not posting my week 5 spotlight but frankly, I didn’t have a favorite last week, I just used old products that weren’t really spotlight worthy. And i’m super late posting this week’s spotlight but that will go up today also.  Continue reading