Hi MTV and welcome to my crib!


It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been back to college and I am so glad to be back! I have definitely missed the people, atmosphere and even classes. This year I am living in an apartment owned by the university. It is fully furnished and move-in ready. Now, I have had some issues with pests and AC unit being broken and finding a dead bird in my bathroom exhaust fan, this still feels like home. I am so glad to be here and I can’t think of a better place to be than San Marcos.

So in effort to make my new home feel more like me, I have been trying to decorate. This is by far not complete but I am comfortable here as of moment. So here are a few pictures of my bedroom…

photo 1

the entrance: I had this letter from my dorm last yr and I thought it would look nice hanging on the door. I just bought a letter from hobby lobby, painted it white and just went at it with  a sharpie.

photo 2

to the left of my door is the dresser. I set my TV on top of it a long with my lamp and pictures of my sisters and my niece and my ring holder

photo 1

just a bit of a close up of the dresser. Ring dish is from anthropologie I bought a long time ago and the picture of my baby niece is quite old too. she’s done a lot of growing since then;)

photo 2

then right across the dresser is my bed. The bedding is Target and decorative pillow and throw blanket purchased from Marshalls. I also have a little bear that my oldest sister brought back for me from England:) how cute! I also hung christmas lights above my bed all along the wall to add coziness to the room.

photo 1

then theres the desk. decorated by my perfumes and ribbon board and my laptop.

photo 2

close up: I have a little bowl to the left that houses my paper clips and command hook extras and I have some chunky necklaces hanging there with my Viktor and Rolfe perfume and Ralph Lauren perfume. Vanilla scented candle burning in the back is Target.


so there it is, bits and bobs of my room, I would show you my bathroom but since I found a dead bird in there today, I am doing some major cleaning currently so maybe next time?

also….I didn’t take pictures of my closet because well its nothing special and not very interesting looking;)

thanks for visiting now get out, see ya!



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